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Brahm Chaitanya Super Speciali

Brahm Chaitanya Super Speciality Hospital has high end instrumentation of German make and our Competent team of doctors routinely perform high end Laparoscopic surgeries.

The constant wear and tear of

The constant wear and tear of knee joints due to our strenuous daily chores is one of the primary reasons for bringing down the activity level. Brahm Chaitanya Superspeciality Hospital, the renowned medical centre for knee replacement surgery in chinchwad ,Pune understands the intense pain that arises out of moderate or severe occurrence of knee arthritis. Hence our bone specialist in chinchwad ,Pune offers unilateral or bilateral or total knee replacement surgery to regain the severely compromised mobility and thereby improve quality of life.

Hip joint replacement surgery

Hip joint replacement surgery becomes inevitable when the severity of osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis has resulted in the complete wear out of hip joints or other disorders such as hip dyspepsia and a vascular necrosis. Akin to knee replacement surgery, our expert surgeons of Dr Sushil Kulkarni ( Brahm Chaitanya Super Speciality Hospital )place an implant at the appropriate location of the hip to bring life back to normalcy and enhance the functionality of hip point.

The honest explanation of Spor

The honest explanation of Sports medicine would be a bridge between the medical science and the practice in the promotion of sports and exercise field. Although, the name suggests recovery of athletic persons, it is not restricted just to that.

Every joint in the body is equ

Every joint in the body is equally functional to fit our daily needs. Hip, Elbow, Wrist, Ankle, etc are next level joints which needs utmost attention as they help you to stay mobile.

Shoulder is very important joi

Shoulder is very important joint from the upper body as both the hands are attached to the main body through these joints. Shoulders are one of the most used joints. The movement and the range of motion which shoulder offers is very unique and hence the complexity is huge. There are very less surgeons who are skilled to handle such complex joints.

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