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Our experts in Otorhinolaryngo

Our experts in Otorhinolaryngology mainly handle the E N T surgeries. They are mainly experts who diagnose, evaluate and manage a wide range of ailments related to Head and Neck including ear, nose and throat regions. Even a blocked nose accompanied by a slight headache can turn out to be an initial signal for bigger ailment. Definitely, these are delicate parts of the body and needs utmost care. Brahm Chaitanya provides comprehensive solutions over any type of problems adhering to E N T.

Head being one of the most imp

Head being one of the most important part of the body, it cannot be overlooked so easily. Head injuries normally involve brain, skull or scalp region of the head. The consequences and treatments vary greatly, depending on what caused your head injury and how severe it is. Head injuries may be either closed or open. Our expert team of surgeons with the help of advanced technology can better control the situation.

Coloproctology branch in medic

Coloproctology branch in medicine deals with the ailments of colon, rectum, renal and anus. The surgery related to these problems are termed as Colorectal Surgery. Though it is less discussed, the severity of the problem is seldom on the higher side because of the risks that are involved in the surgery. Involvement of an expert earns you the best results.

Vascular Surgeries are a sub-s

Vascular Surgeries are a sub-speciality surgical procedure which deals with the treatment of vascular system viz., arteries & veins. These procedures are majority of reconstruction and requires minimal invasive techniques. However, the vascular surgeries might require higher order surgery in rare case

Diabetic Foot is one of the te

Diabetic Foot is one of the tedious ailment commonly seen in the diabetic patients. Diabetic conditions are not that supportive towards any type of surgeries. The patient needs to be first examined thoroughly or meticulously. Expert surgeons from our team are then asked to handle such tedious cases. We feel proud to have apt solutions over such critical conditions.

Surgeries of infants, children

Surgeries of infants, children, etc. requires higher order speciality and body parts, organs are not that developed as compared to the adults. Also, the bonny structure is not completely developed and hence the expertise level is very high. To provide solutions that would prove helpful in longer run are an experts job. Brahm Chaitanya can proudly say that expertise and advanced infrastructure is available under one roof.

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